March On

There is a lot of fear in the air these days, as social and political tensions mount, as the reality and severity of climate change sets in, as the limitations of industrial capitalism are gradually exposed…as is our dependence on vast but apparently fragile supply lines for our necessary and unnecessary goods.

But to me, these times are actually very important because all the issues are out now, and we are at last beginning to face them as a collective in earnest.

Just as with an individual who has to go through discomfort to come out of an unconscious pattern… and have to grieve, go through waves of inspiration and resistance, perhaps act out the behavior/belief more intensely so as to fully feel and recognize its impact for the first time… so to, we industrial nations must go through these growing pains.

Many will be uncomfortable. Many will be afraid and rail against change. Many will be confused and frightened as they make nascent efforts at being vocal in their communities about injustices that have been ignored for centuries.

But, as Dr. King said, “The arc of the moral universe is long.” And as Zen master Soen Nakagawa would say to students struggling in the process of awakening, “March on!”

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