New beginnings

There is no better time than now to start anew. In fact, “now” is the only time there ever is. It is all we actually have. In an on line conversation about reorienting our society so that Earth and we can thrive, I offered the following:

“Help people reestablish active interaction and relationship with Earth. Not in a woo-woo way, but simply lead them to observe and in observing they will reflect and in reflecting they will feel and with feeling they will reach out and begin serving Earth. We bought the reality in which we are disconnected from working to grow our food and build our shelter, and instead work to get money to buy food others grew and shelter other built. Somehow we let a certain mindset set things up to control our food and shelter. If we return to engaging in our rightful relationship with Earth, balance will restore. It does not take asking or begging or fighting or whining. It takes being out of doors. And of boxes. Connecting in constructive and creative endeavor with neighbors. Go play. Be inspired. Share the fun. Watch the sun rise.”

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